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Travis Fimmel


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i have been obbsessed forever.. i saw him do a photoshoot oh my god i was speechless for hours... i thought i was in love he talked to me and i couldnt speak .. i was a younger then.. though it wasnt long ago ugh he is so gorgeous you have no idea

my xboyfriend sory of looks like him.. Boyd.. he's a model too.. at Elite actually

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Name: Travis Fimmel aka Travis

Nickname: Rangi

Date of Birth: July 15, 1979

Birth Place: 40km outside Echuca, Victoria, Australia

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 6'0" (183 cm)

Suit: 40R

Shirt: 15 1/2-33

Waist: 32

Inseam: 33

Shoe: 10

Hair: Dark Blond

Eyes: Blue-green

Hobbies: Snow skiing, footy, guitar, motorcycles

Residence: Los Angeles

Parents: Chris, a cattle farmer, and Jennie, a nurse

Education: Attended RMIT University in Melbourne

Agency: New York Model Management

By now the story of a young charming model walking into a LA agency and landing one of the biggest deals ever has probably been beaten into your head. That easy? One may ask. However, a journey to fame is never one that's easy. Travis who is also known as "Rangi" to his friends was the face of the Calvin Klein campaign for Crave.

Surprisingly as a child Travis Fimmel was skinny (a far cry from his current physique). The youngest of three brothers Travis loved "footy" and fishing and always had an adventurous spirit. Growing up he worked on the family farm and as a result was often late for casting calls due to his milking commitments.

It was at the age of 17 when Travis Fimmel left home. At the age of 18 he moved to Melbourne to play football and study project management at RMIT University. However his career was cut short with a broken leg. It was also at this time during 1998 when Travis was "discovered" in a Melbourne gym by Chadwick Model Management. It took weeks for booker Matthew Anderson to persuade Travis to join. "What are you talking to me for" Travis would tell Matthew. This was partially due to the fact that Travis never saw himself as being a "star". Some may find this difficult to believe but while growing up Travis was self-conscious as a "small little guy" Travis Fimmel never saw fame or modeling in his future.

"He was so not wanting to be sprung by his friends he would say, 'Don't tell them where you are calling from'. He was this country boy and a bit spooked by it all," Anderson says.

At the age of 19 Travis quit studying and headed for London. While in London he "hosted" wealthy tourists, accompanying them around the city and organized their social calendars. Also during his time in London Travis had a fling with All Saints pop singer Nicole Appleton, (who is now married to Oasis front man Liam Gallagher) although it is reported that he said she was boring that is untrue -in fact she dumped him according to interviews. After 2 years of London he headed back home to Australia to model again to raise enough money to go to the United States.

Shortly after moving to Los Angels with $60 in his pocket. Travis walked into a Los Angeles modeling agency. They liked what they saw and he was booking work immediately. He appeared in two music videos for mega pop stars Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson (his appearance in both are brief so don't blink or you'll miss him). An experience he's called "Cheesy" according to reports. This was only the beginning of something magical.

A Country boy from the outback, Travis Fimmel never wanted to take the Calvin Klein underwear job at first. When proposed by his agency to attend a casting his response was "No way mate, I'm not wearing jocks." Despite his stubbornness, and refusal to pose in his underwear the agency had sent his composite card and he flew to New York to compete with many other male models. After the introduction to Calvin Klein and his creative team, a representative thanked everyone for coming and bid them all adieu, except Travis Fimmel.

"When I got the job I felt like the biggest prick of all time," he says. "I'd been talking to those boys and they all had to fly there too."

The Crave Calvin Klein campaign had made Travis Fimmel the second model since Kate Moss to be given an exclusive six-figure contract with Calvin Klein. Then, like many of Hollywood's young models-turned-actors Travis entered the realm of acting.

"It's hilarious that now I'm in my jocks on a billboard in Sunset Strip," - Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmels first acting gig was the WB's "Tarzan" Which premiered Sunday September 28th. The show premiered to luke warm ratings that shortly after couldn't keep up. Even though the show ranked higher than other new WB sitcoms such as One Tree Hill, Tarzan The Series was given the ax.

It's reported that Travis is waiting it out for the next best role to come to him. Following in the footsteps of that other famous Aussie hunk Heath Ledger. For our sakes we hope it comes sometime soon.

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i have been obbsessed forever..  i saw him do a photoshoot oh my god i was speechless for hours... i thought i was in love he talked to me and i couldnt speak .. i was a younger then.. though it wasnt long ago ugh he is so gorgeous you have no idea

oh, where did you see him do a photoshoot?

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