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  1. I'm herrreeee.... I'm herrreee....... heheh... awwwwww..... hell, thanx A LOT for those pics!!! doug looks yummy in those ralph lauren ads!! daaangg..... oh btw, doug was in the latest RL fashion show and the video is available on RL website... can anybody tell me how to save the video?? i realllyyyyy realllyyyy want it
  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you, Lullaby!!!
  3. i dont really know which the image number is, but here is what it says below the picture. Andrew Smith, Jackie Swanson, Carson Kressley and Doug Pickett W Hotel Presents: Adventure in Wonderland with Carson Kressley's Book Launch of "Off The Cuff" 12/9/2004 4021323 Guastella and the low resolution picture:
  4. Hi Lullaby! OVER HERE! OVER HERE! i found a picture of Doug Pickett on wireimage but i dont have an account there and a little bird told me that you do, so, so, hmm, can you pleaaassseeeee post the picture here?
  5. it's hard to understand what he says i wonder why.......
  6. Jennifer Lopez now has J.Lo messenger. you can sign in to MSN messenger/AIM/ICQ/etc through it. download it at shopjlo.com the layout of the messenger is so cute!!!
  7. yea, that pic is cool! but i also love him in one of Guess ads... i dont have the pic though...
  8. I love her new video!!! thanks jig!!
  9. ah, yes, you're right! thanks! those facts of matt felker are really interesting...
  10. is he the guy in britney's video clip "Toxic"? the one whom britney made out with?
  11. oh, where did you see him do a photoshoot?
  12. can't agree more with you guys!! Doug's definitely the hottest guy!!! whoa, i just realized the lips emoticon is the same as the one in MSN messenger..
  13. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v395/Ang.../jloinwhite.bmp
  14. Cantor, you simply ROCK. LOVE those pics!
  15. I love Alvaro in one of the guess? ads. he looked really hot. i dont have the pic though....
  16. no problem! you avatar is so cute! like you! (Y) aaww.. thanks! and i believe you're as cute too
  17. and here it is the most popular pic of him
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