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Please explain to me how I am in any way a n00b. Have I recently joined? no. Do I not know anyone here? no. Have I but, say, 18 posts? no.

seriously... that the best you got?

Shall I continue deconstructing each of your posts or will you have no shame?

is that what your doing? what thread do you think your in chief?

>This is funny. MM, in case you didn't already realize this OMB is gold 'round these parts...

good for him... he's still a n00b...

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I've yet to hear a decent reason. Perhaps you don't like reasoning, perhaps you like being a little stubborn prick.

And having the amazing faculty of reading, (yes!) I know what thread i'm in. This is not your turf, nor anyone else's.

And 42.4 GB is rather excessive.

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You're not listening to reason so I said you don't like reasoning genius...I have been using logic to show how ridiculous you calling me a n00b was.

I have never, ever had to explain myself to someone in a flame war. Mind you, most of them were much at it than you. And why are you calling me Princess? You're making les and less sense as time goes on. Perhpas you should take a nap. You seem a little cranky. Maybe mommy can pat your back while you vomit on her back.

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I only clicked that link in the vain hope that it would somehow lead me to 42 GB of porn...


Anyway, bar none, Animus, dan6er0us and Nemo? This is a reunion!

Good have you back guys.

And as for my previous immature comments directed at Mighty Midget, I apologise to anyone who felt they were too offensive/ineffective.

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