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this will come as a shock for most chilax people. neo posting outside of adriana's forum. well it was great to be known for the 100% posts in adriana's forum on chilax. once i get to 3000 on chilax i will stop posting there and let my legacy go on as the man who posted 3000 posts in adriana's forum. i went by the same name on chilax. since im admin here i thought i would branch out and post in new places and start some topics.

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Hey Guys!! It's so great to know we have Limax as a backup for the Chilax forums disappearing.


It's such a shame & even though i didn't have too many posts, i guess not many of you know about me. Well i had the same name @ Chilax & thanks to my many great friends esp. AzKid, CaptSnow & Carsten among many others, I enjoyed my stay :cool:

If we all migrate here, this forum might just be as big as Chilax was. Infact, I can hardly tell the difference other than all the posts missing lol, but other than that it is just like a replica, well done! :cool:

Ok I'm gonna stop my babbling now :wacko:

Once again, thanks for starting these forums! ;)

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