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Weronika Rosati


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Occupation: Actress

Date of Birth: 1984. 01. 09

Place of Birth: Warsaw, Poland

Education: 005 The Lee Strassberg Theatre Institute, New York

2003 The Polish National Film School, Lodz

2002 Private Acting School Dir.Jan Machulski

1996 Acting Classes: SwissSchool, Geneva, Switzerland

Languages:English, French - fluent

Russian, German - medium

She Likes: Dance, acrobatics, tennis, ski, snowboard, aerobics, swimming, yoga


2007: House

2006: Inland Empire

2006: Bezmiar sprawiedliwości

2005: Pitbull

2005: PitBull jako Dzemma

2003: Tak czy nie? o

2002-2006: Samo życie

2001-2002: Marzenia do spełnienia

2000: M jak Miłość

2000: Klasa na obcasach j

tyuiomm1.th.pngdssd.jpg fdgdgdg.png fhfhf.png frfreereegfht.png rgrfgfg.png face05.jpg gogo05.jpg tygrys03.jpg 01.jpg en00113505008.jpg en00113505011.jpg

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