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Elisabeth Novick

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Elisabeth Novick was born in Paris and brought up in New York City. Her mother was an artist and her father, Rudolph M. Loewenstein, was a pioneer psychoanalyst and one of the founders of french psychoanalysis.

She graduated from Parsons School of Design, Department of Fine Arts, Art History, Graphics & Advertising Design. Her courses included, sculpture, music, photography, cinema, color (Josef Albers), packaging design, typography and two & three dimensional design.

Among her professors were Leo Steinberg for Art History, Emile Anonucci for Graphic Degisn and Irving Kreisberg for Drawing & Painting. Elisabeth than studied photography with Alexey Brodovitch and Evelyn Hofer.

She has lived and worked in New York City, London and Paris. And has collaborated with some of the greatest influences of her profession such as: Beah Feitler, Alexander Leberman, Anna Wintour, Peter Knapp, Claude Brouet, Walter Rosper, Mariele Hucliez, Martin Schmollgruber, Barney Wan and Michael Rand.

She has been photographing fashion and beauty internationally for such magazines as Vogue, Haper's Bazaar, Elle, GQ, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Marie Claire, 100 Idees, Cosmopolitan, Gala, The London Times Newspaper, The Sunday NY Times & The Sunday London Times magazine.

Elisabeth has also produced photography for countless advertising campaigns and catalogues all over the world.

Now as well as fashion & beauty, Elisabeth is photographing portraits & reportages for publications as well as for books she produces.

She lives in Paris, working digitally and creates websites.


elisabethnovick.com via justaguy @ tfs

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Mademoiselle September 1984
"4 Fast Starters"
Models: Nathalie, Jeny Howorth, Marpessa Hennink & Unknown
Photographer: Elisabeth Novick
Hair: Kerry Warn
Makeup: Michael Voyski




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