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Jessica Paré


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"It Girl: Jessica Paré" in Vogue US September 2012.

Photographer: Kai Z. Feng

Fashion Editor: Jessica Sailer

Hair: Conrad Doran for Wella Professionals

Make-up: Stevie Huynh for Nars Cosmetics

Celebrity: Jessica Paré

Source: vampirehorde at Fashion Scans Remastered (fashionscansremastered.net)

T13452121291714284_1.jpg T13452121291714284_2.jpg

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Covers (including that of Elle Quebec March 2013) and cover story of Elle Canada March 2013

Photographer: John Vander Schilden

Stylist: Rita Liefhebber

Hair: Justin German

Make-up: Simone Otis

Interview/Article for Elle Canada: Kathryn Hudson

Celebrity: Jessica Paré

Sources: justjared.com (for all covers) & gotceleb.com (cover story scans)

adyiitPi.jpg acfDcnKY.jpg abyrrToV.jpg

acw8CEXA.jpg ackD28Ef.jpg

acc1Phva.jpg abqJyPVQ.jpg

adxxPDwm.jpg abciVmi2.jpg

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Mad About The Girl

Los Angeles Confidential - Spring 2013

PH: Brian Bowen Smith

J1363494835221210_8.jpg J1363494835221210_7.jpg

J1363494835221210_1.jpg J1363494835221210_2.jpg J1363494835221210_3.jpg J1363494835221210_4.jpg J1363494835221210_5.jpg J1363494835221210_6.jpg


Los Angeles Confidential Shoot (Spring 2013) with Jessica Paré

captured by me


Click on image to stream/download video from ShareRepo (choose "Free Download")

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