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Erica Lucas


She was born July 2 in New York City to Irish parents.

Height: 175 cm
Hair color:Red

Eyes color:Blue
Bust:86.5 cm

Hips:86.5 cm


Magazine covers:
Vogue Nippon 2001,


Yellow Tail,


Erika Lucas is a model with Elite.She was previously signed with Ford models.Erika has international modeling experience having worked in New York,Paris,London,Milan,Tokyo,Miami,Los Angeles,Amsterdam,Zurich,Barcelona,Madrid,Athens,Hamburg,Munich,Dublin and Taipei.


She was born in New York City to Irish parents.Prior to modeling,Erika was a professional Irish Dancer and performed in Radio City and Carnegie Music Hall.She gave up the opportunity to be in Riverdance to pursue modeling.Currently,in addition to modeling,she also works as a nutrition and wellness coach based in NYC.



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Vogue Italia 90's or early 2000's
Photos:Koto Bolofo

vogue (1).jpg vogue.jpg

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Vogue Nippon March 2002
''Tinker Belle's Forest''
Photos:Koto Bolofo

Models:Erica Lucas and utm





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Vogue Italy June 2000
''Ultra Violet''
Photographer: Koto Bolofo
Fashion Editor: Nikki Brewster
Hair: Terry Saxon
Make-up: Houda Remita
Models: Erica Lucas and unknown

060.jpg 061.jpg 062.jpg 063.jpg 064.jpg 065.jpg 066.jpg

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