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Help ID This Cute Model? Ez-Popsy, aliexpress, jollychic, Lady Milan(?), Kevin & Zhen(?)

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I apologize if this has already come up, and the threads can be merged if so.

I have been searching for the identity of this catalog clothing model for a few weeks now, and I thought I'd see if anyone here can use their resources to ID her.

Google's Reverse Image Search usually only kicks me back to the same websites the images are shared between. Sometimes it gives me helpful suggestions like "Girl" or "Dress" or "Product" (??), but that's about it.


I first saw her on ez-popsy, and have been seeing her around aliexpress, dhgate, rakuten, jollychic, etc., but no real point of origin that can give me a name. I've seen her (possibly) associated with the brands Lady Milan and Kevin & Zhen, but most listings have the brand names of the clothes removed.


You guys have identified aliexpress and the like models before so I hope you can help me out and end the search engine madness. I have other pictures, but here are three good ones to start. Let me know if anyone wants more.

Thank you so much!

w5165-6 (1).jpg 10005833_2.jpg w5174-1.jpg

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