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  1. Yes, she is Claudia Freeman. Thank you, Kim. This one is a tough nut to crack because she has only a few official photos on Bing and Google.
  2. Please identify this model. Thank you.
  3. Yes, she is Nataly Machado. Nataly did work for Asos. The reason I asked for the confirmation was that she has a tiny mole on the left side of her lower lip on images I post but doesn't have it on Bing's images. Kind of confusing.
  4. Is she Nataly Machado? Thank you.
  5. Please identify this ASOS Brunette model. Thank you.
  6. She is not in the list. One of the most comprehensive lists of Asos models. Thank you.
  7. These pics are pretty old pics. Their product IDs are 500,000 something as opposed to over 12,000,000-14,000,000 something now. My best guess is at least 7 years old. I am digging up old pics because they have front-and-back catwalk videos.
  8. This ladies looks very familiar but I can't get a hold of her name.
  9. hleg

    Asos Model

    Yes, she is Karoline Emmertsen. Thank you.
  10. hleg

    Asos Model

    Please identify this model. Thank you. She looks like Maja Krag but she is not Maja Krag.
  11. hleg

    Asos Model

    She is Clarence Haaster.
  12. hleg

    Asos Model

    Is she Karoline Emmertsen?
  13. hleg

    Asos Model

    Please identify this model. Thank you.
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