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Tanja Ting

Hair Blonde

Eyes Blue

Height 175 cm

Bust 84 cm
Waist 58.5 cm
Hips 87.5


Magazine covers:
Italy: 'Gioia'; 'Kult' - 2006



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Vogue Italia № 626 October 2002


Photographer:Christophe Kutner


City Models:Marianne Schröder, Marina Dias, Vanessa Greca, Hen Yanni, Liliana Dominguez, Devon Aoki, Biljana Starcevic, 
Marilyn:Clara Veiga Gazinelli, Liberty Ross, Tatyana Brazhnyk, Anna Huber,

Nathalie :Arlette Monkewitz, Tanja Ting, Joana Preiss, 

Elite:Tannaz Hazemi
Fashion:Maria Nevskaya

+ actor Robert De Niro

Make-up:Carole Lasnier/Calliste

vogue italia archivio

Part I

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg

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Gioia Italia 18 September 2000


Scanned by Sanja

1.JPG Scan10218.JPG.4f31bf4b98fceb4a13cadf4720ddd3c9.JPG Scan10219.JPG.9c033f89e915bea0c64c21ff4b5fe5ce.JPG Scan10220.JPG.414439ebe565ad4361c773eec0a51d03.JPG Scan10221.JPG.b4f2f3b60ed280f04f3c9de4f2b18b38.JPG Scan10222.JPG.a67c410a189184ae1b8e42b3c969a9c6.JPG Scan10223.JPG.04fa22fba4522dcfce0f56eb864a5fee.JPG Scan10224.JPG.a16bc4a32d610aef635b9121101bb2e6.JPG Scan10225.JPG.2ef1be30606fff856e3174b3ca9c79ff.JPG Scan10226.JPG.52a9bed39a0f53bc6c420812cca1048a.JPG Scan10227.JPG.7ca2e7f7c9f83df1bee93cbd271c7e56.JPG Scan10228.JPG.440fb50aba2e48a2eab43fe6fae09ff6.JPG Scan10229.JPG.5803be9e1f233d44afc8bcd782da55bf.JPG Scan10230.JPG.506acb2357891bfc813b610f3ebb06f7.JPG Scan10231.JPG.3271383c6fccade73a3e4f2fe8b3712f.JPG

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Gioia Italia 12 November 2004


Scanned by Sanja

Scan40001.JPG.a17a79d1a95905c75c2ac63ce7b05598.JPG Scan40002.JPG.25d8ae69c971d1977ab2cb33b52d8921.JPG Scan40003.JPG.aa3574a4de5f9e0ff3d20367b92764b8.JPG Scan40004.JPG.a46bf9c7d1d75af8e1bb3010c65f1d7c.JPG Scan40005.JPG.14cd309f24ff06b41bd9ad75878dd3ed.JPG Scan40006.JPG.903848ad419146739860ad47d1a779d5.JPG

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