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what nationalities is she? anybody know?

I think you were trying to mean what ethnicity she is, Because from what I read her nationality would be Brazilian. :)

:blush: This was really late at night. Ethnicity is what I meant, any answer?

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It's part of a larger editorial, but I'm not sure what magazine it came from originally.

Nine has the rest of the editorial up on her site. :) In fact that is Nine's scan, looks like someone removed the tag. Or maybe it got out before being tagged.

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Got out before they were tagged *nodnod* it was from an old Brazilian Vogue with Kate Moss on the cover.

In fact, if that link could be removed, or the image replaced with the like image containing the tag, I'd be muy grateful.

Any scan you see from that editorial is almost guaranteed to be one of mine *sage nod* So far, that's the only one I've seen being circulated about.

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