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Charlie Hunnam


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Charlie Hunnam

Bio contributed by forget_me_nott

A good-looking, young, blond British actor, Charlie Hunnam was best known for his portrayal of Nathan, a gay teen, on the controversial British series "Queer as Folk" but reached an American audience with work on more accessible television fare. Discovered while goofing off in a shoe store in his native Newcastle, Hunnam was quickly cast on the BBC series "Byker Grove", playing a long-locked model with a recurring role. From here he was cast on the BBC teen series "Microsoap" and then landed the co-starring role on Channel 4's "Queer as Folk" (1999). Hunnam brought Nathan from shy, curious innocent to an increasingly self-aware and determined man about town in the initial eight episodes of the controversial series about gay life and reprised the role in the two-hour sequel "Queer as Folk 2" (2000). As Nathan, Hunnam played such an integral role in the groundbreaking series that he became something of a role model for gay youth. The influence of the series was so far-reaching that the young actor was asked to participate in a parliamentary debate about the discriminatory British age of consent laws.

In 2000, Hunnam made his US television debut with a recurring role on the teen drama "Young Americans" on The WB. From here he landed a regular role on the Fox sitcom "Undeclared" (2001-2002), a college-set series created by Judd Apatow of the critically acclaimed but short-lived series "Freaks and Geeks". The charm of "Undeclared,

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