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This section will be dedicated towards handling any and all fashion shows plus models poising on catwalks only. This excludes models in press conferences, photocalls or in photoshoots; all those will go in their own relevant and respective sections, namely the appropriate models fourm.

Also we would like if possible for members to ID the models on the runway, by doing this it will allow other members to easily spot there favorite model(s) as well as introduce members to new faces.

New topics should be started with the following format

Show [Which fashion week], Date of show


Cacharel [Paris Fashion Week], 5 Oct. 2006

Prada [Milan Fashion Week], 26 Sep. 2006

Thank you for your cooperation.

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I'd actually like to amend this a bit.

You don't need the exact date of the show (I imagine for older shows this might actually be pretty difficult.) However, you should write the season. It especially makes life easier since fashion is always one season ahead and someone, not particularly familiar with this, might see Oct 2, 2006 and think Fall 2006 when in fact, it is a Spring 2007 show.

So when beginning a thread, please use the following format:

Name of Show [Which Fashion Week] Season.

example: Prada [Milan Fashion Week] Spring 2007

If you'd like to include the date of the show, you're welcome to do so, AFTER the season.

Once again, thanks for your cooperation. :)

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Two more things.

First, there's no need to write the word "show" in the title. We know it's a show. This is after all, a runway show subforum :)

Second, the focus of this forum is the shows. Therefore, please do not create a thread with just one model and a bunch of pics of her in various shows. Such pics can be posted directly into that model's thread.

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