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Deal or No Deal Models

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The following is a list of the current models who carry the briefcases on the US version of Deal or No Deal, in alphabetical order as seen on the show's end credits. While most of the models hold the same numbered case each week, a few of the models hold a different case number each game. All 26 models wear identical dresses, though the style is changed for each episode.

Megan Abrigo (always holds case #6)

Alike Boggan (held case #18 during season 1, swapped cases with Marisa Petroro in season 2, currently holds case #20.)

Sara Bronson (always holds case #7)

Katie Cleary (9th place, UPN/The CW's America's Next Top Model cycle one, always holds case #11)

Lindsay Clubine (host of HDNet's Get Out!, always holds case #26)

Stacey Gardner (always holds case #2)

Lisa Gleave (formerly a Barker's Beauty (or model) on The Price is Right; always holds case #3)

Kasie Head (Miss Oklahoma USA 2002, formerly held case #19, has held #13 when Leyla Milani was not on the show and took over case #16 during season 2.)

Tameka Jacobs (also the awards hostess for the 2006 Soul Train Music Awards; always holds case #21)

Claudia Jordan (formerly a Barker's Beauty (or model) on The Price is Right; Miss Rhode Island USA 1997; always holds case #1)

Patricia Kara (always holds case #9)

Pilar Lastra (Playboy playmate Miss August 2004; held case #8 through the first season, now holds case #14)

Aubrie Lemon (always holds case #23)

Jill Manas (always holds case #12)

Ursula Mayes (Maxim magazine 2004 Hometown Hottie Finalist 1; always holds case #5)

Leyla Milani (runner up to WWE's 2005 Diva Search; always holds case #13)

Anya Monzikova (always holds case #10)

Jenelle Bronwyn Moreno (always holds case #17)

Hayley Marie Norman (always holds case #25)

Marisa Petroro (held case #20 in season 1, swapped cases with Alike Boggan in season 2, currently holds case #18.)

Lindsay Schoneweis (always holds case #4)

Laura Shields (Miss United Kingdom in 2004 is a member of Mensa International and gained an honours degree in chemical engineering from Leeds University; always holds case #22)

Mylinda Tov (held case #19 for much of the first season, was replaced by Kasie Head, and returned for season 2 with #19 once again)

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