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Tes Linnenkoper

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Tes Linnenkoper is a Dutch model. I think that her family name means "Linen buyer", but it could also mean Linen copper, which would actually make more sense, since she has silky hair with a copper hue and a coppery tan.

Tes Linnenkoper 23.JPG  Tes Linnenkoper 24.JPG  Tes Linnenkoper8.jpg

Tes Linnenkoper b.jpgTes Linnenkoper18.jpgTes Linnenkoper  Debora Barnaba2.jpg



She's like this:

  • Born in 1996
  • height 174cm/5'8.5"
  • bust 80cm/31.5"A
  • waist 62cm/24.5"
  • hips 86 cm/34"
  • shoes 37 EU/6 US/4 UK
  • Hair blonde
  • Eyes blue

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She's with 

- Max models Amsterdam

- Karin models Paris

- Dominique models Brussels

- Storm management London

- Why not Milano


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An editorial, in Talkies magazine (Netherlands), called "We are Golden"

(it could have also been called "We are Copper")  

Photographer: Otto van den Toorn / Hair & Make-up: Marsha Calori / Nails: Diana Prinsen





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On 22-5-2017 at 10:57 AM, ARK photo said:

Has she ever done more erotic themed shoots?

Not that I know of.


Here are some pictures of her shoot for Grazia France


photography by Sigurd Grünberger
makeup by Lisa Legrand
hair by Benedicte Cazau-Beyret

20170522_135330537_M.JPG 20170522_135224567_M.JPG 20170522_135233142_M.JPG 20170522_135240478_M.JPG 20170522_135313771_M.JPG

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