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Carmen Hawk

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Carmen Hawk 

90's Model




Designer & actress now

from Vogue 1996






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Vogue Italia Supplement,September 1996

Photo:Arthur Elgort

Models:Jenny Knight,Elisabeth Moses,Chandra North,Astrid Munoz & Carmen Hawk





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Thank you Minerva 13 for the posts!


Was this the girl who dated the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers? I saw pictures of her in his book and she was beautiful which led me to look her up, which led me here!


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Marie Claire (Germany) September 1996
Photographer:Anette Aurell
Models:Anna Klevhag,Jaime Rishar,Kim Iglinsky,Sarah (last name?),Carmen Hawk,Chandra North,Kylie Bax & Christine (Christine Scheld?)
Redaktion:Barbara Baumel
Hair:Jonathan Connelly/Streeters NY
Make Up: Diane Kendal for Aveda
My Scans

Marie Claire Germany 9 96 01.jpg Marie Claire Germany 9 96 02.jpg Marie Claire Germany 9 96 03.jpg Marie Claire Germany 9 96 04.jpg Marie Claire Germany 9 96 05.jpg Marie Claire Germany 9 96 06.jpg Marie Claire Germany 9 96 07.jpg Marie Claire Germany 9 96 08.jpg

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THE FACE UK November 1996
''McQueen Of England''
Photographed by Nick Knight
Models:Honor Fraser,Carmen Hawk,Stacy Gadsden,Adia Coulibala

Styling Katy England

Scanned by GinAndTonic

MCQUEEN-OF-ENGLAND-Nick-Knight-l-Mc-Queen-l-01.jpg MCQUEEN-OF-ENGLAND-Nick-Knight-l-Mc-Queen-l-02.jpg MCQUEEN-OF-ENGLAND-Nick-Knight-l-Mc-Queen-l-03.jpg MCQUEEN-OF-ENGLAND-Nick-Knight-l-Mc-Queen-l-04.jpg MCQUEEN-OF-ENGLAND-Nick-Knight-l-Mc-Queen-l-05.jpg MCQUEEN-OF-ENGLAND-Nick-Knight-l-Mc-Queen-l-06.jpg

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Vogue Italy June 2000

''How To Build A Style''
Photographer: Craig McDean
Fashion Editor: Edward Enninful
Hair: Bob Recine
Make-up: Aaron De Mey
Model: Carmen Hawk


1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg

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Unknown to me magazine from 90's

''Metal Urbain''

Photos:Christophe Cufos

Models:Annie Morton & maybe Carmen Hawk?

06618_annie_morton25_122_400lo.jpg.28862cf0acd79b3bacbd6ac461ee2074.jpg 06624_annie_morton26_122_460lo.jpg.02a14692fab6634f7604e95c56e8c835.jpg 06630_annie_morton27_122_561lo.jpg.49bdbea89968ec0874b1976731acb7fa.jpg 06635_annie_morton28_122_600lo.jpg.a56d743f03ba79d4409f0ce8b2503f4e.jpg

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