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Iris Landstra

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I was so sure Iris had thread here? Delete if she does though I couldn't find on search.


height: 178 cm
bust: 80 cm
waist: 59 cm
hips: 89 cm
shoe size: 41
hair: brown
eyes: green


ihklUqSF.jpg quIL27X8.jpg

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Miu Miu S/S 2017 Paris

Céline S/S 2017 Paris

Chloé S/S 2017 Paris
bIcFo0MM.jpg 1VKUITZ6.jpg AG86cSW9.jpg

Rick Owens S/S 2017 Paris

Maison Margiela S/S 2017 Paris 

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Vogue Taiwan December 2016: "Garden of Grace"
Naomi Yang - Photographer
Ramona Eschbach - Hair Stylist
Dariia Day - Makeup Artist
Romain Dermouche - Casting Director
WRSbJsEq.jpg aiskRRY6.jpg 1z5IBhb2.jpg YFuXQswm.jpg 3QZ4wkir.jpg ySElSThw.jpg GfAk7PJV.jpg zTo1ySnA.jpg ihIXOebW.jpg MRPZ315r.jpg

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Marie Claire Italia October 2017

Photography: Nagi Sakai

Styled by : Laura Seganti

Hair: Jordan M

Makeup: Eric Polito

Manicurist : Kiyo Okada 



source: fashioneditorials

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Vogue Mexico & Latin America November 2017


¡DÍA DE PESCA! (Fishing Day!)
Photographer: Fanny Latour-Lambert
Stylist: Elisa Nalin
Hair: ? 
Make-Up: Ossiel Ramos
Model: Iris Landstra

Source: Vogue Mexico Digital Edition -- By Zorka at the Fashion Spot


DwAnGmCW_t.jpg bIvZKzOD_t.jpg insqGxEr_t.jpg


rTaULgdf_t.jpg 2YKDXdbl_t.jpg VBud7vsZ_t.jpg



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