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u will be able to download I dont know about all, I I bet lots of all the games from nintendo, super nintendo, and gamecube. Its got a fun new controller that hopefully is better then it looks. Will be able to connect to the interent for multiplayer, and it will probably be alot cheaper :)

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Yea buts it not about the ability to swing the controller or push the button to shoot, its about when to swing and how it effects what you se on the tv, it seems to me it has to have some precision, unlike PS3 demo at E3 it looked liek the guy was haivng a seizure when playing Warhawk

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:rofl: about the seizure comment. Actualy thats kinda what i DONT like about these consoles, before you would get home crash on the sofa and just slouch down and only have to move your fingers which was a great way to relax, now they expect you to be moving ur hands and arms all over the place. aahh im lazy and i dont want to have to move to play games.

And with regards to coordination im sure as everything there will be a learning curve but should be too bad imo.

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