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Wonder Woman (2017)

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Michael*    7
On 8/24/2017 at 5:47 PM, jkjk said:

The fast and furious movies and the transformers movies do well there, for a number of reasons.


China has changed the way movies are made because they don't allow all movies into the country. The two most obvious impacts are that studios look to team up with Chinese producers and that more movies are set in China, both are done in hopes of making sure their movie is released in China.


Yeah, the idea of a film's success being wholly dependent on whether China approves of it is one that I'm not sure I like the sound of, although I realise that's perhaps a bit of a simplistic assessment. Then again, you also have things like Suicide Squad, which outperformed both Wonder Woman and Civil War without making its way to the Chinese box office. :unsure:


Overall though, it seems the importance of China's role in the international stakes is growing. It can help record-breaking movies become more successful, and even renews potential for sequels to perceived flops like Pacific Rim being greenlit.

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