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Faretta Radic

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NEW ORDER by Mladen Šarić

Diva Style

Models: Faretta, Zara R., Zara Š., Vana, Antonia, Petra & Lorena/Colors Model Management

Source: http://salonglamour.hr/


NewOrderByMladenSaric_01-1.jpeg NewOrderByMladenSaric_02-1.jpeg NewOrderByMladenSaric_03-1.jpeg NewOrderByMladenSaric_04-1.jpeg NewOrderByMladenSaric_05-1.jpeg NewOrderByMladenSaric_06-1.jpeg

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VOGUE Magazine

Givenchy’s Girl Gang Gets 5 New Model Members 



Croatian stunner Faretta is the kind of model whose beauty speaks for itself—who needs a last name when you’ve got cheekbones like that? In an era of oversharing, Faretta’s mystery is appealing: only a handful of Instagram posts, no live-streams or blogs, just an incredible face and the ability to stand out on a supermodel-filled catwalk. That’s no small feat.


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