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Alicia Keys


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Alicia Keys was born Alicia Augello Cook to Terri Augello, an Italian-Irish paralegal, and Craig Cook, an African-American flight attendant, in 1981.

In 1996, the aspiring vocalist graduated two years early and first in her class. Despite her youth – she was just 16 – a scholarship to Columbia University followed, but, with a recording contract already under her belt, she dropped out of school after a month in order to pursue a singing career with Columbia Records..

Though Alicia is the same age as Britney Spears, she's more often compared with classic R&B singers than her teen pop counterparts. And the six-time Grammy nominee, whose cool elegance and soul sister honesty make her a favourite with young women, says she's anything but a diva. "I hate the word," she says. "All of a sudden every singer who's successful is a diva. I'm probably the most low-maintenance, easy-going person ever... I like to have good energy and I like to call people my friends. And I like to keep it like that."

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i met her  the day after i met adriana and alessandra.  man she is so sexy and her voice is amazing.  she said hi to me and my lower half went crazy.

whoa at the end of the day thers's some1 who we both like n adore lol :)

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I love her, i think shes just awesome. her voioce is gorgheous, her face is PERFECT nad her body is mesmerizing,. shes a good girl, i wish the best for her. seriosuly, shes one in a million.

yes she has perfect face and body indeed shes one in million

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