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Erica Dahm

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Playboy Playmate Erica Dahm is one-third of the only triple-threat centerfold spread that the magazine has ever done. Along with her identical triplet sisters Jaclyn and Nicole, Erica was Playmate of the Month in December 1998. The girls were born on December 12, 1977 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They blossomed into a trio of stunningly gorgeous blonde bombshells, with Erica sporting some incredible 34C-25-34 curves.

The girls were attending the University of Minnesota when their father, of all people, showed them an ad looking for gals for Playboy's upcoming 'Girls of the Big Ten' pictorial. They sent in their pics and appeared in the photo spread in October 1997. Fans found the girls so enticing that they soon found themselves asked back to the magazine, this time to pose for a Playmate of the Month shoot.

After their December 1998 appearance, the gals left school and moved out to Southern California to pursue modeling and acting success. They have appeared in a handful of TV shows including 'Boy Meets World,' 'The Norm Show' and 'Son of the Beach.' The gals were also featured in a small part in the 2001 film 'Juwanna Mann.' Of course, so far their career has been limited to roles that capitalize on their status as triplets, and the gals have a bit of a hard time making solo names for themselves. Still, they continue to plug away, while appearing at lots of Playboy-sponsored events and parties.

Phil McGraw's son, Jay, is married to Erica Dahm.


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oh that's odd. i was reading jay's book for my psychology class that was published not that long ago and he was thankking his wonderful girlfried jennifer(whoever that might be) for giving him so much strength and support. there was even a whole chapter on how he was too scared to ask her to prom and then finally did and 'got the best looking girl on the entire continent'. but i guess maybe the book was a little older...anyway i just find it funny that doctor phill's son is married to a playboy bunny ;)

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