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Jesse Stewart

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Jesse Stewart

Mother Agency: Ford Models - Chicago

Agency: Ford Models - Miami, LA, Paris / Chadwick Models - Sydney


Dress: 2

Height: 5'8" / 175.5 cm

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Shoe: 8.5 / 39 EU

Bust: 81 cm

Waist: 58 cm

Hips: 84 cm


post-92432-0-1446088264-16656_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088264-43114_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088267-82253_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088267-84209_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088267-86095_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088267-87696_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088267-89741_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088267-97614_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-0029_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-01568_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-03031_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-04955_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-07232_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-11149_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-12305_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-14297_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-16265_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-18047_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-21431_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-2336_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-2535_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-27734_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088268-29462_thumb.jpg

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Cliché Magazine: Feb/March Issue pg. 38-47

Makeup: Deanna Bajorek

Hair: Chelsi Savage

Photography and Art Direction: Allison Kortokrax of Korto Photography


post-92432-0-1446088277-31267_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088277-33293_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088277-37738_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088277-39387_thumb.jpg

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"Lady Stardust" Editorial for Framed Magazine Special Edition 2013

Makeup/Hair: Jen Johnson

Styling: Colin Boettcher

Assistant: Chris Scott

Photography: Cassie Doumas


post-92432-0-1446088279-5342_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088279-5518_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088279-5799_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088279-59449_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088279-60928_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088279-63075_thumb.jpg

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Fashion Gone Rogue Exclusive

Photography: Paul Cruz

Stylist: Veronique Tristam

Hair: Menelaos Alveras

Makeup: Jessica Tarazi

Stylist's Assistant: Temi Adebowale


post-92432-0-1446088282-33868_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088282-35171_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088282-37578_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088282-38351_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088282-3971_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088282-41588_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088282-42929_thumb.jpg post-92432-0-1446088282-44653_thumb.jpg

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