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Sofia Richie


Agency: Select model management

Height5'6 / 168 Waist26.5 / 67 Shoe41 / 7.5

(Daughter of Lionel Richie)

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I love her. Her face is so unique. She's the only one of the celeb offspring that I'd love to see succeed :)

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American Music Awards in Los Angeles 11/22/2015

8HbUKWQ7.jpg ip4hivRR.jpg x81biteq.jpg


Leaves Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood 01/30/2016

i3KaGAIR.jpg O3vj0jcp.jpg v6AX32hb.jpg HC2g7RgJ.jpg


The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection 2016 in NYC 02/02/2016

aY53JG8f.jpg 5syJ5u1g.jpg WMGosbxZ.jpg SnS5yWcM.jpg


Out in Beverly Hills 03/04/2016

Zu0FjEif.jpg wlKtGEfr.jpg MwjqaJTm.jpg eIMkzvl8.jpg


Italian Restaurant in New York 03/17/2016

yHOMxboN.jpg lVvnSwqs.jpg WNkWQ0T4.jpg gGXpiofC.jpg


Bowery Hotel in New York City 03/19/2016

ccoGUShg.jpg NWtvfyiG.jpg ILiM3GOf.jpg zQXYHTDY.jpg


Getting iced coffee in West Hollywood 04/07/2016

jwd88bHq.jpg oM1STMts.jpg JtkqTqtB.jpg MJT7Jzxq.jpg


Nice Guy in West Hollywood 04/10/2016

PXxGzJY0.jpg ScPoNX0q.jpg DDDXJ3R8.jpg 6XVa3xWW.jpg


Out in Los Angeles 04/15/2016

mHerZJTd.jpg yFAqS20j.jpg ZrREZ2XU.jpg


Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2016 in Indio 04/17/2016

w1HxnHfy.jpg 9PfyvvqE.jpg z6460Skr.jpg dkkNHnRd.jpg


Out in West Hollywood 04/27/2016

0wAsONil.jpg Ly0BSjjS.jpg 6tbQVeVp.jpg kArh53hm.jpg


Night Out in New York 04/30/2016

iMRBtczv.jpg 6TzESyU2.jpg Hjh43FsM.jpg mnK18v0z.jpg


Out Shopping in West Hollywood 05/05/2016

I75kf0lo.jpg Dtjix0zf.jpg NKckIfDv.jpg ypRtETaj.jpg


Nice Guy in West Hollywood 05/09/2016

erSYO9ap.jpg 7pX8PK2i.jpg iG2WCeWt.jpg GhrXp2mD.jpg


Leaves Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills 05/17/2016

Y3yfmZHo.jpg R8htT0NH.jpg 4Vc27q8M.jpg hl59U2bw.jpg


Out in West Hollywood 05/21/2016

hXyRh4BK.jpg UAQtfojD.jpg JfUcmvJp.jpg aTqkKoH1.jpg


Shopping at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills 05/25/2016

eF1L1hxd.jpg 8l28nYMr.jpg Bc9zNmQi.jpg phuQLkBz.jpg


Los Angeles International Airport 05/31/2016

7iKilJi6.jpg EXtn5AMI.jpg h6wC2zeD.jpg Dt7z2Ys7.jpg


Out in West Hollywood 06/09/2016

0JtTjAfS.jpg n7UlI2Gz.jpg 93i7Jn6D.jpg 4CvK53Gu.jpg


Mauro’s in West Hollywood 06/13/2016

emcURXTL.jpg WDBn9eDw.jpg UypLSqnE.jpg halO3WJg.jpg


Nice Guy in West Hollywood 06/15/2016

QTXBZU7V.jpg dEUB3ItC.jpg xU5xajPD.jpg Jg137ZLm.jpg


JFK Airport in New York 06/20/2016

VVLX0y6j.jpg djubAvqj.jpg wXVDJPaZ.jpg 6H82vuip.jpg


Leaving 1OAK in West Hollywood 06/24/2016

YsMHltmu.jpg bxISGGMD.jpg 02zFJju0.jpg vd4VyAaM.jpg

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Out and about in New York - June 28th, 2016.

Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--01.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--02.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--03.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--04.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--08.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--07.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--13.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--12.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--11.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--10.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--09.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--05.jpg Sofia-Richie-out-in-New-York--06.jpg 


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Seventeen Magazine - August 2016.

73bc2c492441500.jpge2fa43492441469.jpg a61f37492441484.jpgbfc8ed492441513.jpgc47f7e492441524.jpg 7cd528492441516.jpg 62bc36492441539.jpg 65da34492441587.jpgd2a7dd492441594.jpgbcc0da492441555.jpg 238140492441608.jpg db7e74492441567.jpg9f5903492441601.jpg

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At Doheny Room in West Hollywood - June 29th, 2016.

5b76ff492609754.jpg 391f02492609758.jpg ad34c8492609765.jpg fe045b492609774.jpg fe58de492609789.jpg ca946e492609805.jpg 

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Out and about in West Hollywood - June 30th, 2016.

d679ac492786333.jpg 8c5c06492786362.jpg 4bed15492786406.jpg 9ef971492786438.jpg 57388b492786486.jpg 4a5c10492786534.jpg 7b3c8a492786560.jpg 8c53ae492786589.jpg 1c8d9d492786610.jpg 

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Out and about in Beverly Hills - July 1st, 2016.

9a8367492990597.jpg 740974492990608.jpg 7afc6b492990646.jpg d571dd492990678.jpg 846a35492990697.jpg bc5549492990712.jpg 37f96a492990742.jpg 72ca7e492990769.jpg 736a0d492990791.jpg b3c5e5492990816.jpg 

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At the Nice Guy in West Hollywood - July 5th, 2016.


be86fa493729733.jpg 1abfe0493729745.jpg 7e475e493729756.jpg 68ef37493729764.jpg 05863b493729775.jpg 68b5c7493729782.jpg 3605f4493729790.jpg a5a9a5493729796.jpg 24912b493729805.jpg 1c4e38493729812.jpg 28fa42493729825.jpg ad72c7493729834.jpg ee73da493729859.jpg c34642493729879.jpg be6e06493729888.jpg a5621b493729895.jpg 80c59c493729902.jpg c37736493729911.jpg 

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Night out in West Hollywood - July 6th, 2016.


e5b3a8494069663.jpg a735f5494069677.jpg 86a688494069709.jpg bc523d494069719.jpg 609dd8494069722.jpg 77c7a7494069729.jpg 4b992b494069745.jpg 078afb494069757.jpg dc21f9494069770.jpg ffe0c3494069789.jpg 40534e494069800.jpg 


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Recent Instagram Activity (sofiarichie)


b87399494257259.jpg 68dab3494257300.jpg edc769494257362.jpg 63ef34494257465.jpg bffaf1494257566.jpg a2d8b2494257624.jpg 266b47494257668.jpg 2c8473494257688.jpg a4c0b5494257704.jpg aefb88494257737.jpg c398a0494257767.jpg 474a04494257846.jpg 

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she isn't really a fashion model. When an agency says your 5'6", it means you are 5'4" or shorter. If you are 5'6", you become 5'7" or 5'8" depending on how tall you photograph. She is just a celebutante represented by a modeling agency. I only know of one campaign she has booked. As far as I know, she doesn't do go-sees. She is entirely direct book/special bookings. Unless this thread starts getting filled with editorials, campaigns, and catalog work, she isn't a model and should be in other females of interest. Paparazzi pictures, instagram photos, and the title model doesn't mean you are a fashion model. I will give it sometime before I make judgement because she is signed to LA Models and Select but she might not belong in this category if she isn't booking fashion gigs. Being signed to 2 top agencies does merit her being her if and only if she works. 


Mother Agency: LA Models

Select Model Management London


She did an ASOS Magazine Cover and an add for Material Girl. She also did an editorial for Vogue allegedly. Not a whole lot given her status and the fact she has been signed to an agency for two years. Good Luck finding stuff. 

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at Nobu in Los Angeles 07/05/2016

j337kHSv.jpg 48wy5Z3O.jpg 4PVT5or4.jpg DCgrhd2Z.jpg

4xEAfRdl.jpg nZF6cgwK.jpg ENbmPDQZ.jpg HbLdln4p.jpg


Leonardo DiCaprio's fundraiser in Saint Tropez 07/20/2016

poMuiWCs.jpg zWPTMN20.jpg q1ahftNP.jpg 86M6Ohxc.jpg

L8Iany8K.jpg ZSRyXCXe.jpg zdlafSyr.jpg GrkBkN8T.jpg

qb722pnj.jpg DoRbxGq3.jpg XHdiK1E4.jpg YOImz1xC.jpg


Saint Tropez 07/22/2016

QAvePpHQ.jpg uLgInV06.jpg Oi6UcPaP.jpg rDoqsoi0.jpg


Saint Tropez 07/23/2016

uMPAPjYT.jpg AbUNVFRZ.jpg 40nihK5v.jpg TphRbJdW.jpg

wxR0wW9S.jpg uyQf0Br6.jpg ab5AsWFp.jpg FIIvMvWC.jpg

aYhoqXcM.jpg MS0jrlq2.jpg HMVc7LOd.jpg


Arriving to Club 55 Restaurant in Saint Tropez 07/24/2016

SdykBngc.jpg RR4b3F15.jpg Vjuc3aXZ.jpg 0e5zbT7T.jpg

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Sofia & Justin on the beach, California 08/05/2016

rW42lzBU.jpg agZtNOgA.jpg kLQbIoT2.jpg d2nS0XPS.jpg

dPNqK0NB.jpg CvqCDlth.jpg Xqwdv01m.jpg xckL2pmo.jpg

9uOzQeSl.jpg Pzel3LM8.jpg kT56SUZs.jpg


Sofia was spotted leaving Justin Bieber's home 08/09/2016

StJD9rz8.jpg Gz791XwC.jpg JhaRrNQD.jpg


Sofia headed to the Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills in the same get-up later that day

3slvr9LS.jpg CfWCrz1B.jpg R5Jc8UgK.jpg

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