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Cool Action Sequences

Jimmy Changa

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I love to watch a good fight or chase in a movie. Some I don't get tired of watching over and over. Some just blow me away when I first see them. I figured I'd make a thread for like-minded folks that love them too.

The first one I'll mention comes from The Hulk...not a great movie, but not too bad either. The action sequence I love is when the Hulk fights the 3 tanks. The power he exhibits when he smashes the first one, or turns over the top half of the second one to drop the people out, then walks around with the barrell to smash the others. Ends up with bending the barrell of the third over to point into the hatch.

Man, that scene made me go "DAMN!"

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Recent would have to be Superman the return of Superman, when the guys on top of the building with the biggest most rapid firing gun ever made and turns it on Superman and he just keeps walking forward. Then the pinacle the guy gets his hand gun out and fires one shot which changes to Matrix style slow mo, it hits Superman directly on the eyeball and it shatters..... my god I would so love to be that indestructible !!

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Matrix Reloaded - Burly Brawl

Heat - Shoot Out

Star Wars Episode 3 - Anakin vs. Obi-Wan

Spider-Man 2 - Spider-man vs Doc Ock

Dawn of the Dead(Remake) - When they leave the mall

Peral Harbor - Attack

Saving Private Ryan - Omaha Beach

X-Men 2 - Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike

Superman Returns - When he lifts that creation

Underworld - End

Undeworld 2 - End

Lord of the Rings - pretty much oll of the battles

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - End

many more but im tired :sleep:

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The 7 minute, single take, multi-floor hospital shootout from John Woo's Hard-Boiled. No cuts... it's pretty amazing to watch. Every bullet was choreographed and accounted for.


For awesome fight scenes, look no further than Jet Li in Fist of Legend... one of my all-time fave martial arts flicks. Tony Jaa in Ong-Bak is pretty badass too.

I recently watched Shinobi (adapted from the manga, Basilisk) and it was impressive. Every ninja had their own special technique. Crouching Tiger can't be ignored either. Same for House of Flying Daggers, Hero, Iron Monkey, and The Legend of Drunken Master. Drunken Master is by far Jackie Chan's best flick. The fight scenes in this movie are unbelievable.

The Allieds landing in Normandy in the beginning of Saving Private Ryan is something to behold. As are the battle sequences in BRAVEHEART.

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Cant belive no one has mentioned Swordfish. You know the slow mo ball-bearings explosion was tight.

Transporter opening sequence kicked ass too.

Ong-Bak has good sequences as well as Jet Li's Fearless last fight, or the fight on the top of that towerish thing outside :p

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