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Bar Refaeli


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Bar on Access Hollywood Live


- The interview in two parts.




I thought she was simply gorgeous on Conan. :kiss: Her dress was a perfect choice and she looked at ease and knows that these late night shows are light and breezy. She doesn't take herself seriously, has a cute sense of humor and has a lively personality. She is a pure delight! :cain:

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Another video from a TV show

Bar Refaeli Talks About Being Number 1 From Maxim Hot 100 - Maxim's Hot 100 named Bar Rafaeli #1 and she talks with us live.


She's a doll. Frankly I much prefer this interview than the one with Conan. Late night hosts always feel the need to steal the show in order to keep their high ratings. :heart: Morning shows are different and you get way more interesting interviews from the celebrities, IMO.


she cries a bit on the Gil show thingy hope they post the vid soon

....what is the "Gil show"?


LA sunset



Do I know this view?.. ;-) xoxo

Bar Refaeli@BarRefaeli

@noatishby most definitely

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she is crying but i dont understand much Hebrew

the Gil Riva (i think) the tv show is Guess Who's coming to diner? so Bar had an interview & it was already aired in Israel

lets just wait for them to upload the full interview

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Here's smth from The Gil Riva Show

It starts in Hebrew.

Bar describes how she always wanted to meet Warren Beatty (who dated her mom-Tzipi 35 ys ago) and tell him "Hi do u know who my mom is? "..

(she says she was 12 ys..and didnt know that one day she'd b a supermodel..)

Then one day she met him and said Hello..but didn't feel comfortable to present herself as Tzipi's daughter since he was with his wife.

The other day Leo came home and told her..

(this part is in English so u can watch it..)

Anyways..Leo met Warren who told him "I met your gf last night..she is very very beautiful! but her mom.....her mom was................ :heart: "


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