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Bar Refaeli


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wow, all the trolls are back at the same time ..weird coincidence..., or maybe not a coincidence, trolls have a funny habit of taking on several differnt names,lol.

btw, if people are gonna lie, maybe they should check facts first. Bar's manager has always been her Mom. Maybe you;re thinking of Scott Lipps who is the President of one of the modeling agencies Bar is signed with. People start lying when they get desperate..I guess you can''t handle that LEO and Bar's been together for 3+ years now.

Thanks Rainyday for the news!

This was a reply to frenchkiki's comments about what people say regarding the razzi pics. Noone said it's true and whether that poster knew who he was talking about or not, the only Scott I know related to Bar is her agent. I wasn't the only who mentioned his name. Her mom is her manager but he's supposed to be her agent too.

And I've only posted under one name. I don't know if it's this guy who posted that or members of the board you're referring to about lying. I don't really care about her relationship anyway. But maybe it's you who can't handle the fact that some of the things could be true. Anything's possible right? I don't like to make below-the-belt comments or personal attacks, but it seems it's the only way here.

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I think Bar Rafaeli is the best example of a woman of 21st century...Dont you think? She's beautiful, she a has a strong personality, has a sucessful boyfriend, don't care about what people think about her job, she's beautiful (really beautiful) and has the hotter body out there!!!

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