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Bar Refaeli


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Skinny Slam: Bar Refaeli Refuses to Lose Weight

The modeling industry has long been associated with desperate and dangerous methods to reach unrealistic weights, but one who refuses to succumb to the pressure is Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.

"I do not eat and if I eat I throw-up," the 23-year-old joked to Tarts. "I like to live a healthy lifestyle, I'm not a skinny model - I think I look healthy. I eat what I want when I want."

Refaeli is best known for curvaceous bikini bod and has graced the pages of hundreds of publications from Maxim to Sports Illustrated to Victoria's Secret catalogues to GQ and Elle.

"I try to avoid the pressure to lose weight, I've generally always been comfortable with myself but at the times when I’ve been skinnier I haven’t felt comfortable," Refaeli explained. "Nobody is going to like you if you don’t like yourself."

Refaeli and former on-again/off-again lover Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly have parted ways for good earlier this year, but the swimsuit stunner seems to have her sights set on someone else.

"I can't say if I'm dating anybody," she said with a coy smile, although she did tell us that she is "totally obsessed" with the music of hip-hop artist Kanye West.


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Bar literally bumped into me today! At first i thought it was just a regular girl but then i saw her face! She said sorry& i said it was ok. I smiled and she smiled back haha It was on 50th and 5th avenue. She was with a bald fat guy and some other guy.

Maybe it was her dad? But her dad is not fat right? Where was it? In NYC?

yup, not really fat, just chubby lol

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