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Mix N' Match


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okay, this is the thread where we'll mix different pictures of different models together to get one hot picture!!

i was trying to picture tyra with better legs, so i put karolina's legs on tyra's body and VOILA, the most incredible looking thing to ever grace earth's soil.

(i'm a very poor photoshop editor -- all i have is IRFANVIEW, so its really poorly done. . . .if someone would like to fix it up i'll give them a million $$$$)


lets see how creative y'all can get!


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lol. that's it?? c'mon, hasn't someone imagined pampita's butt on adriana??? someone has to have done this as well.

but don't you think tyra would look great with karolina's legs?? LOL.

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YES fremont, YEEESSSS!!!!!! see?????? you're starting to feel it. . . .. i bet right now you're sittin on your computer actin a mad scientist trying to get the most incredible butt shot you can find. . . then you're rummaging through your 6 trillion adriana pictures to find the perfect pose for the perfect application of the perfect butt. . . .

MAKE IT HAPPEN DUDEMAN!!!!!!!! lets get this ball rollin.

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