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Anastasia Ashley

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Anastasia Ashley grew up between the beauiful beaches of the North shore of Oahu, and southern California. She was naturally drawn to the ocean, Anastasia was swimming by age 2 , body boarding by age 4 and surfing by age 6. Naturally gifted she started competing at the young age of 7, where she was a prodigy and went on to win over 200 amateur events, including the NSSA National championships at age 16, and then turned full time professional. Anastasia's talent as a surfer and spokesperson has pushed her into the mainstream media being featured in on television on programs such as MTV, FX, ESPN, Access Hollywood, and NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly. As well as on media outlets such as Shape, Self, Huffington Post, and GQ.

Competition results

2013 – Billabong XXL Big wave awards nominee for Overall performance
2013- 2nd Women's Pipeline pro
2013- Redbull Quiantang team Challenge- 3rd place
2013 – 2nd place APSS Shoe city pro
2012- 3rd place Honda Pro
2011- 3rd place women's Pipeline pro
2010- Women's Pipeline pro Champion
2008- APSPR Corona pro tour women's champion
2007 -Women's ECSC women's runner up
2005- ASP Triple crown rookie of the year


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Thanks for starting this thread! Just saw Anastasia's SI pics on the site earlier this afternoon and was very pleased overall. Girl loves to show it off and she's not shy about her body, and I love that. :) Recently became a fan of hers.

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Thanks for the adds, Shepherd! Her ass really is terrific, especially on her tight, athletic body. :drool: 


And thanks for the info, Limerlight. *goes to check out her FB page* :laugh:

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Bikini at the beach, Miami Beach, Feb 19 '14


post-66789-0-1446110792-17475_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-20839_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-23741_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-26391_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-28218_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-32778_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-36756_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-38682_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-41669_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-45163_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-50883_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-54191_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-57208_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-71823_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-77216_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-81315_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-84192_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-86539_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-89869_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-94258_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110792-97443_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-03025_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-07343_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-11082_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-17516_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-21398_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-23171_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-24581_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-31877_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-38258_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-4169_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-52589_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-59775_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-6105_thumb.jpg post-66789-0-1446110793-62992_thumb.jpg


Good lord. That booty on a tiny girl with an athletic frame is ridiculously unfair! She probably drives all the boys at the beach crazy haha  :nicole:


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jj3    31

Anastasia Ashley - wearing a bikini in Miami July 2014


post-47866-0-1446110802-29735_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-69367_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-75057_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-76911_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-78516_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-82344_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-84483_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-8733_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-89687_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-94977_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110805-98106_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-04416_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-06_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-08704_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-11579_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-15007_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-17313_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-22913_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-29123_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-31226_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-33537_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-36563_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-39018_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-42126_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-45349_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-49719_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446110806-52516_thumb.jpg

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