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Lime-light.org Question

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So what that means is that someone from the site has to get a registration code for you and invite you because lime light only has open registration a few times a year. To get an invite for you, someone has to have enough "lime cash" to buy one (meaning they have to have a buttload of posts lol). You might have to just keep checking back daily to see if they open registration. There was one fairly recently, so you'll probably be waiting for quite a while. Sorry Miwa :/

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well you have to post 50 posts to access the pics, so I really don't know. They deleted all pics before September 2005, which is a shame. hey do make fantastic themes, I'm currently using the Cintia Dicker one. the Kristin ones are cute too. anyway when I can use a registration code I'll give it to you. :)

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