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Feel free to post pics of hot babes dressed in costumes, or really anything that looks really hot. Business suits are pretty sexy...

Forgot to mention School girls, secretaries, police babes, army girls, and maids..... :)

BODY PAINT!!!! If you have pics of hot babes in body paint, then you sir/ma'am are lovely.

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I found that same nurse pic on google...but my works internet filter restricted access to teh site... probably porn. And that playboy bunny lady is fugly.

Of course she's fugly, I said old school!!

An inmate


another Maid


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that's a cool outfit idea!

I stick to dressing up as a cat though, I use to dress up as other things when I was younger. Barbara Mori wore a cat suit with a whip in "Rubi," now that was hot! I don't think I'd be able to find a picture of that though.

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