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Just wanted to start a topic to see what books people are reading.

im currently reading

Dante-The Inferno(part of The Divine Comedy)

Descrition-Dante falls in love with a girl Beatriz, who he met once in his life. He is so madly in love with this girl from that one day, he can't stop thinking of this girl. He is so obsessed with this girl, he stops caring for anything else in the world. He end's up taking a journey through hell to rid himself of his obsession.

What I Think-Its pretty cool. Very descriptive in parts about how people are tortured in hell.

anyone who has read this book and the rest of the series, should i finish the trilogy? i heard the other two books aren't as good

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wow valmount , you speak german huh

i'm readin nick hornby - how to be good (fave nick hornby is fever pitch and high fidelity tho)

neo, "Michael Crichton, his new book that came out yesterday" :huh:

i saw State of Fear last week in a bookstore here, i'm positive btw :blink:

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