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Free People models.


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Lately I've been oddly obsessed with picking random clothing sites and then IDing all the models I can from that site. I know there are already threads here for Intimissimi, Nelly, Lipsy, etc but I didn't see any so far for Free People, so I'm transferring my list onto here.


Please add any models you know if you see they aren't already listed. <3


Feel free to discuss whatever in regards to the brand/models.

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The following are girls I've not dug up pictures for yet but I either found them or was told they had been with FP before:

Ana Girardot

Camila Costa

Caroline Winberg

Daria Pleggenkuhle

Hana Soukupova
Julia Bijoch
Kirsty Macphail
Marianna Santana
Sissi Hou

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Glad to help. (:


They just released their new lookbook: Blue Belle starring Carola Remer


th_74a8ad271464138.jpg/monthly_08_2013/post-35596-0-1593842700-4215_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="carola2.jpg"> carola3.jpg th_e3f2cb271464149.jpg/monthly_08_2013/post-35596-0-1593842700-64651_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="carola6.jpg"> carola7.jpg

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Thanks everyone! I love Alyssa, so I'm excited to learn she worked for them.


Ana Beatriz (and others; I didn't take a close look) for March 2009



Lily Aldridge (with... I can't remember the other girl's name) for November 2009



Elyse Taylor (with Michele Ouellet) for January 2010



Hana Soukupova, Alyssah Ali, Irina Shayk, Caroline Winberg, Missy Rayder and a couple others I don't recognize all did March 2010:





FP lists their catalogs there. And if you hit "catalog archive" at the bottom of the list, it links to older ones, which is where the ones I listed came from. So if anyone feels like playing "Identify the Model," or just wants to check older stuff out, feel free to look through those.

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