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Athelete's Name:Servet Tazegul


(above); 2011 World Championship 
Semi-Final Round: GBR V.S. TUR
Blue: Martin Stamper GBR
Red: Servet Tazegul TUR
Winner: Servet Tazegul 
Victory By 12 Point Gap (15:2)

Brief Biography

Date of Birth: September 9, 1988

Country of Origin: Turkey



  • 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist: Tae Kwon Do -68Kg Weight Division Male Olympic Sparring.
  • World Taekwondo Federation: Ranked #1 Internationally at -68Kg_M (2009-Current).
  • Medal count from 30 WTF Sanctioned International Events: 20 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze Medals.
  • Boasts an International Fight record of 80 Wins with 10 Losses.
  • 594 registered hitpoints scored compared too 264 collected. 
  • Current Lifetime Ranking:(90 fights with  a 88.9% win ratio and 26 total medals) #16 of all time (currently)
  • Turkey national team member since 2003 at age 15 years of age.
  • 6 straight Gold medals in 5 different weight classes between 2003 and 2006.

Accomplishments at Major Events

  • 2004 World Champion -55Kg_M Junior division
  • 2005 European Champion -59Kg_M Junior division
  • 2008 Gold Medal at European Olympic Games Qualifier -68Kg_M Senior division
  • 2008 European Champion -68Kg_M Senior division
  • 2008 Bronze Medal at Beijing Olympics -68Kg_M Senior division @ 20 years old
  • 2009 Bronze Medal World Championship -68Kg_M Senior division
  • 2010 European Champion -68Kg_M senior division
  • 2011 World Champion -68Kg_M senior division
  • 2011 Gold Medal at World Olympic Games Qualifier -68Kg_M senior division
  • 2012 Gold Medal at London Olympics -68Kg_M Senior division

With this post I'm introducing Sport Taekwondo to the forum, a sanctioned Olympic competition that is unknown to many. However the sport has a large cult following in The Americas and most of Europe. Asia and several Middle eastern countries follow the sport heavily and even have professional leagues. for the best introduction I have selected the most talented and energetic fighter of the current generation. The url below is the entire semi-final match between GBR and TUR at the 2011 WTF World Championships in Gyeongju. Tazegul is in Red under TUR, and Stamper is in Blue under GBR.





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