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    I enjoy dark comedies both written and filmed. As far as auditory entertainment I favor modern heavy music including many genres that end in core and that begin with death. Inversely, my current guilty pleasure includes listening to music from the 40's; where, the brass and upright bass contrast well against my normal choice of music.

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  1. Sick Boy (John Lee Miller) - Trainspotting
  2. Athelete's Name:Servet Tazegul (above); 2011 World Championship Semi-Final Round: GBR V.S. TUR Blue: Martin Stamper GBR Red: Servet Tazegul TUR Winner: Servet Tazegul Victory By 12 Point Gap (15:2) Brief Biography Date of Birth: September 9, 1988 Country of Origin: Turkey Overview 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist: Tae Kwon Do -68Kg Weight Division Male Olympic Sparring. World Taekwondo Federation: Ranked #1 Internationally at -68Kg_M (2009-Current). Medal count from 30 WTF Sanctioned International Events: 20 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze Medals. Boasts an International Fight record of 80 Wins with 10 Losses. 594 registered hitpoints scored compared too 264 collected. Current Lifetime Ranking:(90 fights with a 88.9% win ratio and 26 total medals) #16 of all time (currently) Turkey national team member since 2003 at age 15 years of age. 6 straight Gold medals in 5 different weight classes between 2003 and 2006. Accomplishments at Major Events 2004 World Champion -55Kg_M Junior division 2005 European Champion -59Kg_M Junior division 2008 Gold Medal at European Olympic Games Qualifier -68Kg_M Senior division 2008 European Champion -68Kg_M Senior division 2008 Bronze Medal at Beijing Olympics -68Kg_M Senior division @ 20 years old 2009 Bronze Medal World Championship -68Kg_M Senior division 2010 European Champion -68Kg_M senior division 2011 World Champion -68Kg_M senior division 2011 Gold Medal at World Olympic Games Qualifier -68Kg_M senior division 2012 Gold Medal at London Olympics -68Kg_M Senior division ​ With this post I'm introducing Sport Taekwondo to the forum, a sanctioned Olympic competition that is unknown to many. However the sport has a large cult following in The Americas and most of Europe. Asia and several Middle eastern countries follow the sport heavily and even have professional leagues. for the best introduction I have selected the most talented and energetic fighter of the current generation. The url below is the entire semi-final match between GBR and TUR at the 2011 WTF World Championships in Gyeongju. Tazegul is in Red under TUR, and Stamper is in Blue under GBR. ​ http://www.dartfish.tv/Presenter.aspx?CR=p1c25464m461817#!AQECAAECAXhjAAABAQEAAAEBAQICAQACAAZQbGF5ZXIOU2VydmV0IFRhemVndWwAAQEBD3AxYzI1NDY0bTQ2MTgxNwAAAA%3d%3d ​
  3. My spouse believes that Katherine Heigl looks the way any token Barbie doll would if it walked, talked, and had anatomically correct plumbing. Arguing that only times like when she was cast along side King Leonidas in that romantic comedy The Ugly Truth does her acting abilities seem impressive; she continued saying that the argument can be made that not unlike Vin Diesel, Mr. Butler is an incompetent muscle hardened neanderthal. Therefore by using the proximity concept, all her acting in situations similar to that movie were augmented by lack of surrounding talent. Now with that said, I disagree with her statement about our good friend Gerard Butler, his performance in both 300 and The Phantom of the Opera solidified that though he may be 100% pure crystalline-sugar eye candy, the stud can act as well as sing. Which in term, invalidates any claim that Katherine Heigl was only good in that movie because her co-star couldn't act. Furthermore, it is easy to credit her abilities when you analyse her hit movie 27 Dresses. Here is a movie that has one somebody and a bunch of nobodies collaborating together to produce a feminine targeted picture that has been played several times on FX, a FOX channel mostly dedicated to men. Besides the addition of the actor who played Louis Lanes husband in Superman Returns, no one in the movie was a well honed performer; nonetheless, our foxy Katy was able to laugh(obnoxiously), cry(hysterically), and smile(brilliantly) enough to make it a movie I enjoy. Personally I think that I enjoyed the movie solely because of how broken she ended up becoming do too what i considered golden irony. Her barbie doll good looks partnered with her girl next door appearance may have also factored heavily in my enjoyment. But hey, I'm sure the half naked neanderthal persona Gerard Butler had going on in 300 made the 2 hour gore fest more appealing as well. http://media.santabanta.com/gallery/global%20celebrities(f)/katherine%20heigl/katherine%20heigl39e.jpg Please textlink or upload images onto a host instead of hotlinking. For more information click HERE. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture Okay, so my fiances Barbie doll metaphor may have not been too far of point. This picture screams "I'm an intelligent actress known for my on screen genius!" Yes, that was sarcasm. On one hand, I think she makes wonderful movies for women while keeping them palatable for the guys forced to watch it; on the other hand, this picture is a hell of a lot closer to Pamela Anderson than it is Helen Mirin. But then again, I wouldn't want to see Helen Mirin in this photo, and Katy always has Grey's Anatomy to through in the face of anyone who says she doesn't have range. Or so I've heard, I've never watched an episode; I'm opinionated, not Homosexual which there is no shame in being.
  4. I can't find this girls name anywhere. My research (which includes searching sex apparel sites) have her modeling Rene Rofe and Adam & Eve garments. Both companies as far as I've searched do not list model names; however, upon my revision of internet quandaries involving Rene Rofe models this forum has produced several names. Any Ideas where to start looking?
  5. Can't find this Rone Rofe model to save my life it's getting annoying.

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