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  1. Sick Boy (John Lee Miller) - Trainspotting
  2. Athelete's Name:Servet Tazegul (above); 2011 World Championship Semi-Final Round: GBR V.S. TUR Blue: Martin Stamper GBR Red: Servet Tazegul TUR Winner: Servet Tazegul Victory By 12 Point Gap (15:2) Brief Biography Date of Birth: September 9, 1988 Country of Origin: Turkey Overview 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist: Tae Kwon Do -68Kg Weight Division Male Olympic Sparring.World Taekwondo Federation: Ranked #1 Internationally at -68Kg_M (2009-Current).Medal count from 30 WTF Sanctioned International Events: 20 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze Medals.Boasts an International Fight record of 80 Wins wit
  3. My spouse believes that Katherine Heigl looks the way any token Barbie doll would if it walked, talked, and had anatomically correct plumbing. Arguing that only times like when she was cast along side King Leonidas in that romantic comedy The Ugly Truth does her acting abilities seem impressive; she continued saying that the argument can be made that not unlike Vin Diesel, Mr. Butler is an incompetent muscle hardened neanderthal. Therefore by using the proximity concept, all her acting in situations similar to that movie were augmented by lack of surrounding talent. Now with that said
  4. I can't find this girls name anywhere. My research (which includes searching sex apparel sites) have her modeling Rene Rofe and Adam & Eve garments. Both companies as far as I've searched do not list model names; however, upon my revision of internet quandaries involving Rene Rofe models this forum has produced several names. Any Ideas where to start looking?
  5. Can't find this Rone Rofe model to save my life it's getting annoying.

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