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Ahmed Shihab-Eldin


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Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is a host/producer for HuffPost Live. Previously he launched, produced and was co-host on Al Jazeera English's award-winning social-media show, The Stream.

He has most recently worked for Doha Film Institute, Doha Tribeca Film Festival, the New York Times, and PBS Wide Angle. His work has been featured in FRONTLINE/World, TimeOut, Washington Week and other blogs.

He received his M.S. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he also taught New Media Skills as an adjunct professor, and his B.S. from Boston University. In 2008 he won a Webby Award for a multimedia project titled "Defining Middle Ground: The Next Generation of Muslim New Yorkers," along with two colleagues.

He is originally Palestinian, and grew up in California, Kuwait, Egypt and Vienna.

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^Thanks, for the shirtless,  Babypink. 

I thought there would be more of the same on his instagram, but, alas, no. Well, at least it is start. 

On the lookout for more shirtless pics of what promises to be a very sexy body.  :woot:

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Q&A: Ahmed Shihab-Eldin on Media, Democracy and Social Change in the Middle East

Written by Aprille Muscara






In a region where repression, self-censorship and a rigid status quo are the norm, perhaps one of the best positioned voices to speak about the intersection of digital media, democracy and social change is that of Ahmed Shihab-Eldin


He has borne witness to both unashamed government control as well as revolutionary disruptive movements by citizens in Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Jordan and other locations in the West and the Arab world.

Here, he speaks to us about the state of media in the Middle East, from the unrelenting crackdown on journalists to the inspiring democratization of social media.


Read the interview HERE.



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