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Johnny Depp

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the man is like a fine wine... just gets better with age :sex: mmm mmmm my crush on him started back in the 21 Jump Street days... tho my feelings about him are a little more... *ahem* adult rated these days :evil:

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Johnny's acceptance speech at The People's Choice Awards on January 10, 2006.

'Hello, um, how are you? Listen I want to say um thank you very very much. my apologies for not being there once again. I'm a on the distant tropical location shooting 23, 23 and a half hours a day surrounded by wild animals and studio executives. It's weird out here. But I want to say that I am very touched and honored it's a great privilage to recieve this award from the people uh yeah. We're all very very lucky to have such great bosses which is you so a anyway I want to say thanks again to all the people and uh to my family who are people too as we all are in fact people too as we all are which is weird that's another weird thing umm I don't know I mean we break into song. I don't know what's going to happen. But umm you've made me very very proud so thank you very much. Take care.'

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