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Stefania Ivanescu


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Stefania Ivanescu


Viva Model Management

Also with: DNA Models / Viva London / Allure Management (mother agency)





Place of Origin:


Ethnic Origin:

100% Romanian



How discovered:

I was presented by a family friend, who is a hair stylist, to the photographer Tibi Clenci few months ago. Meeting him was wonderful and the next month I was shooting 7 times with him!!! I thank Tibi for taking time to find some qualities in myself and teach me so much about expressing in front of the camera.

Favorite things:

Cooking TIRAMISU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite music, band:

I like very much ABBA and LANA DEL REY


Playing volleyball and reading.

Favorite piece of clothing:

Sneakers and my new leather pants!

What’s something uncool that you love anyway?

I have this hobby of karaoke with Indian music, so I learn some music, lots of songs, sing and dance them, even if I am not quite a person with voice :)) in fact not at all :)) It’s so good for my soul, it’s so funny!

Favorite modeling experience so far?

My first editorial which was in a restaurant kitchen playing together with two chefs cooking, and… the last one with Silviu Tolu, so hard to choose!!!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?

I am melancholic about my hometown Bucharest because there is what I love the most: my mom, dad and little brother… and my little dog Jackie, also the country side where my grandmother and my grand grandmother are living!!! Yeah, if you ask me, this is the best about them!

Favorite artist (any kind):


Place you would love to visit:

India :) I already know some lyrics


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