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  1. Thank you so much for these lovely additions, VintageDreams! I was starting to fear Jennifer retired )):
  2. Thank you for the Wonderful additions StoneBaby! ((:
  3. Awesome additions StoneBaby!! Thank you!
  4. OMG, thanks again Laura!! She looks so Beautiful. VS is lucky to have her!!
  5. thank you Le Gator for the HQs of Jessica and Martha!!
  6. She sure is!! The sky is the limit for this young lady!! :dance:
  7. LOL, i was worried you hadn't heard that one!
  8. Me too! Every time one of you add pics of Lily, I think of the Who song, "Pictures of Lily."
  9. Thx Laura!! Lily in that black dress is berth taking!!
  10. Thank you betroy and Shepherd for the exquisite new pics of Sylvie!
  11. Thanks for the Beautiful new Kylie pics, Shepherd!!
  12. Totally. And her boobage looks good; it doesn't look overly photoshopped. But I actually especially like the way her hair falls into her face and how intense her eye color looks. you took the words out of my mouth LeGator. So agree with you!
  13. Very nice adds ! Thx Prettyphile!
  14. Wonderful additions!! Thank you Baby Jude!!
  15. Much thanks Teo!! This shoot is sensational!!
  16. ^ Love the new ones Janet! Thank you!
  17. ^ Love the hair!!! Her eyes and lips are soooo Dreamy!
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