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I AM the Biggest fan revival (male edition)

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the 1st round

  • definition : in the first round we have 20 groups with 5 men in each group.
  • voting system: You have to give points to every man in each round, from 0 to 5, according to you like/dislike him. It goes something like this:

for utter love and adoration and respect

for respect / starting love / appreciation

3 points
for more or less like him, but not that much / still hasn´t convinced you

2 points
for "not care at all but it´s not bad at all

1 points
for couldn´t care less and

for zero interest OR / AND hate
  • voting time : 3 days (+/- 72hrs)
  • elimination: in the end the 60 men with the most points will go to the second round and 40 will be eliminated.
  • note: Please, remember that the score the man will obtain in this round will go with him through the whole competition, till the end. Example: if Johnny Depp gains in this round 100 points, and in the second round 56, he will have 156, if he succeeds to the third round and gains 10 points, he already will have 166 and so on... so the scores will be counted together. That means this first round is very important.

the 3rd GROUP


So... let s vote!

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