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Korina Longin - N'Sync "Gone" Video

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This has been bugging me for years- who's the girl in the black/white N'Sync "Gone" video? I like her "girl-next door" look- yet she is prolly one of the most naturally gorgeous women I've ever laid eyes on. :heart: She looks like she cud be a model. The following screencaps dun do her justice but it was all I could find. She's well worth a second look at that video! Anyone know who she is?


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Lolz Neo :wave:





thats what i call natural beauty...

Definately a natural beauty! :kiss: Funny, but I think editorials of her takes away from her natural good looks- she's so gorgeous, it seems the makeup actually LESSENS her appeal. Anyways, no wonder she's a top paid model!!

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Oh yes, definately top 10! Actually I don't think about girls I don't know in real life that much- so I basically have like top 3 or so in terms of models/celebs. :whistle: Korina really captivated me along with Megan in the VS video (with Adriana) and Ana Beatriz from the latest VS show.

This really is a weird one for me. They're both in my "im not sure how much I like them but then sometimes they're the hottest women on earth list."

I totally know what you mean Dude! Like for me, most of the time I could care less and think they're nothing too special, then sometimes I'll be like, "they're so hot!" then it wears off again haha.

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