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Lena Gercke

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but heidi klum made me change my mind about her during the show. i'd thought she was a naturally kind, nice, warm-hearted woman, but she's just as cold-blooded as you expect a model to be... i don't like her.. and the pro-sieben shows always gotta promote a "star"... first there was sarah conner :yuckky: , for gnt it was seal... i hate that.

yes that

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Lena Gercke.

Germany Next Topmodel


Lena G. - the native Lena G. was brought from its dance teacher to the Modeln, because saw into the 17 years old large potential. Lena G. loves the extended family atmosphere with its sister and two half brothers and sisters from the new family of their father. The 17 years old has a firm friend for over one year - the two know each other for years.

Three questions at Lena

1. Why do you want to become top models?

- I am very gladly on the gangway, let me gladly photograph and would like my hobby the occupation to make.

2. What did you learn so far from Heidi Klum?

- One must be ambitious, in order to come in the industry far, and to pursue a firm goal. It also showed us, how one sits down before the camera better in scene.

3. What do you make, if you do not win?

- Do you work further on a Model career or do select you then another occupation? I would continue to try it so for a long time I am still young. See times, how far I come - otherwise I must naturally consider myself something else.

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