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SASI 2012


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why is there no SASI topics here?

So Xenia Deli got the cover this year

Can't wait to see the magazine, wonder which model made the edition this year? anyone has any idea? does anyone have any pictures of the other models doing SASI for this year edition. so far I only seen this one


I am so happy she got the cover. So far my favorite cover has been this year with Xenia, 2010 with Candice Boucher, and 2009 with Catrinel Menghia

credit to whoever posted these picture for the first time

anyone can post picture of any SASI edition pictures in here I would really appreciate it.

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She shouldn't of got the cover but it's all politics. There are so many south African models who would never get a chance to be in the normal SI edition that should have been on the cover. Elite la has so many fuller figured models yet they always pick the super skinny girls that they have to airbrush curves on them. Yeesh. Well at least bailey nortje and Lauren mellor made it this year

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I think Xenia looks pretty damn good in her SASI pictures, she has natural curves & a killer body. I don't think it was 'fair' to give her the cover on her rookie year, but is not like the normal SI edition respects that either, it's business after all & they will give the cover to whoever they think will sell more magazines :idk:

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