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Vintage Model IDs


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On 9/1/2022 at 2:52 PM, missparker7 said:
On 7/31/2021 at 5:39 PM, RocketQueen said:

I need some help with these from 1985. :)


28-MADAMEFIGAROFR14dec85-m.SaffronAldridgeUnk-ph.PierreBerdoy.thumb.jpg.4a65813de1866a791c2f457c0aee7778.jpg 37-MADAMEFIGAROFR14dec85-m.Unk-ph.PierreBerdoy.thumb.jpg.550a8377981e8147fc90e8b22c1c6478.jpg Madame Figaro France 14. December 1985 by Pierre Berdoy


I think she is Joelle.




Celin - "Fantasy in Gold" 1990 (Advertisement)

Model: Nicole Verheyden

Photographer: A. Zarrian?

Celin_1990.thumb.png.6df8cd49bb53bee9453d0410218d4d25.png But don´t know if Nicole did work already in 1985. Hm, not really, I think.:blush:

Posted by Vogue Girl in the Vintage Ads of the 1990s : Fashion & Accessories topic.

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18 hours ago, missparker7 said:

lejaby advertisement - petra Germany May 1992 (27. April 1992)


:heart: Lesa Sullivan AKA Lesa Amoore



cover VOGUE Spain July 1991 posted by Chirkomania in the 1990s Model List topic.


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