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Britt Koth

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One thread for the cast would be enough :p

I understand what you mean, and I almost did that when creating this topic, but I thought that it'd be very likely that many of these models would go on to greater things, and would become famous in their own right.

Thus, I thought it would make more sense to give each person his or her own topic.

thanks for the pics. she kind of reminds me of Carmen Electra.

No problem, and I think I see more of Keira Knightley in her (the strong jaw and smile), crossed with Maria Menounos.

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adrian is orgasmic! lol

and if you want a thread for the whole cast...feel free to post on my thread in the Tee-Vee section under Entertainment and Recreation...i've made a thread just for 8th and Ocean..i havent got to posting pictures of teh whole cast...but theres a link so theres tons of videos, pics, interview stuff yepp

i really like her though...shes a very smart model..she focuses on what she has to do..most of the girls go to parties and stuff..but shes concentrated on the modeling and she can work!

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