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What are the supported web browsers for this site?


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I had trouble posting a few models for people to ID here the last couple of days, and I had some problems of it ether not getting posted or difficulties editing. I do many of my art/photo/scan work on my Mac, and I am using the default Safari browser. I haven't tried Firefox on my office PC that much. I thought I'd bring it up to see whether or not others have had problems.


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I tried to edit a post where I didn't have the need anymore to have a specific image (supposedly an admin had to delete it for me.) Another noticeable issue is when I would edit a comment a thread, there would be a huge white box in the text box. I m wondering if this is a webpage rendering issue between my browser and the site. When this issue happens again, i'll take a screengrab.

I'll try to comment and post via my Windows laptop with Firefox if its something to do with the browser. I'm technically ambidextrous (I use multi platforms) but I would assume that I am not the only Mac/Safari user on this group, but maybe this is an isolated issue - I'll try to see if my Safari is outdated and updated if needed

Thanks for responding.

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