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La Senza, Bare Necessities, Marks And Spencer, Heine - Forbidden?


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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question. However I recently posted a very large number of Bare Necessities pictures in the Teresa Moore thread. I had heard there was an issue with these images but I have seen them posted elsewhere. I received a PM asking that they be removed. Stating that "La Senza, Bare Necessities, Marks And Spencer and Heine pictures are not authorized by the photographers and constitute infringement," and that the admins are aware of this. I'm happy to take these images down if this is the case. However given my comment, and the nature of the message I'm also aware, this being the internet, that this could simply be someone playing a prank. Can I get some feedback as to whether this is in fact the case, that these images (whether or Teresa specifically, or all images published by said labels/stores) are not allowed? I apologize in advance if this delay should exceberate any issues caused if that is the case.

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What I don't understand is why a photographer would care about photos that are 6-7 years old, have already been posted on the website which means chances are hundreds of people already have the pictures and they've probably been posted all over the place over the years. Not sure if the photographer is aware but one something hits the internet it's fair game, and it's kinda retarded to ask for such old content to be taken down imo


Personally I wouldn't of removed them, but till this is resolved I don't want BZ to get into trouble. :cain:

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But clients don't want their catalog images watermark. They pay big money for those pictures. Photographer is entitled to protect their work. I just don't understand why they would take it off of her because the people on here aren't profiting from their work, they are just appreciating their work.

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